Getting Started. How to add an access point and become a provider?

Step 1. Creating a Provider’s account (you will need a device with the Internet).

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account by entering your email address and selected password.
  3. Click “Register” and your account will be created.

Step 2. Connecting your access point device.

  1. Connect the power brick to the power outlet.
  2. Connect your Internet service provider’s LAN cable into the power brick’s LAN port.
  3. Connect the router’s LAN cable to the PoE port on the power brick and the other end to the access points ETH + PoE port.
  4. As a final result on the access point, you will see two first green lights on.

Step 3. Setting up an access point.

  1. On any of your devices (mobile phone, PC, tablet) with WiFi turned on finding WiFi network SSID called “IUNGO-NEW”.
  2. Select “IUNGO-NEW”.
  3. When password prompted – enter the password which you will find on the access point’s back cover. Look for LAN MAC and enter the last 8 symbols in lowercase of LAN MAC.
  4. After establishing the connection, the open browser on the same device you have connected to the IUNGO NEW and open IP address
  5. Click setup device. New “Register device“ window opens.
  6. Enter the same username and password that you use to access the dashboard and click „Register“. Note – the registration will take up to few minutes.
  7. Click „Finish setup“. After setup, all the access point’s green lights should be on.
  8. Your access point will reboot and appear on It might take up to 5 minutes for this operation to complete.
  9. You can continue to work and control your devices from the dashboard.