Getting Started. Provider’s dashboard features


Login into with your email and password. Here you will find:

  • Full profile information;
  • Venues of access points;
  • List of access points.



Venues are a group of access points. You can group access points by their location.  All AP’s in the venue have the same billing rate. Newly added access points are assigned to the default venue.


Adding a new venue

You can add new venues by clicking on “Add New”:

  1. A new window appears;
  2. Enter the name of the venue;
  3. Enter the description;
  4. Enter the address;
  5. Enter coordinates.


Set rate for the venue

By clicking the button “Rate“ on the venue list, you can set the billing rate on the selected venue.

The rate is set by ING token amount per 1 GB.


Editing venue information

You can edit or update existing venues by clicking on the selected one.



In the access points list, you can see all your added access points. Here you can:

  • Set and edit name and SSID remotely by selecting the access point;
  • Move/assign an access point to the selected venue;

  • Reboot access point remotely;

  • View latest sessions of using the access point (data usage, session duration, rates);
  • Delete access point from your provider’s account and network.


In case the access point is offline:

  1. Check if all the cables are connected.
  2. Check the Internet connection.
  3. Try to login again.


Resetting access point

To reset your access point device you must press the round button on the access point and hold it for 10 sec.