How to buy ING tokens

1 – Open and click on Sign up button to create an account.

2- Create your own account, put the details.


3- Once you login go to your ACCOUNT and select OVERVIEW then click on Blind 2-step verification. You need to have a Smartphone to download 2-FA.


4 – Download and install the application and then peg your phone to your KuCoin account. Caution! Make sure to save the recovery code.


5 – Click on the right corner USD symbol and select the currency you want to deposit.

6 – Scan the given QR code or copy the given address to send your assets to.

7 – Choose MARKETS section and the currency you did deposit and put in the search for IUNGO.

8 – To buy ING tokens first you need to submit the 2-step verification from the app you have downloaded.

9 – Choose the price you are willing to pay for ING token. Best price is given manually. Congratulations, you have successfully purchased ING tokens.

10 – Once you bought your ING tokens, you can withdraw them to your private ETH based wallet. Click the same USD symbol in the right corner and choose WITHDRAWAL option.

Finally, in WITHDRAWAL section choose ING token and submit the ETH based wallet address. Then choose how many you want to withdraw. Note, that the deposit FEE is 3 ING tokens.