Finalising the second phase of 350 000 ING tokens distribution

Finalising the second phase of 350 000 ING tokens distribution

10 September 2018

Dear IUNGO community,

We are thrilled and proud to announce that we are finishing the second phase of our HODL-ING Society programme! 350,000 ING tokens have been prepared to transfer to all addresses which are participating. These bonus tokens should reach you all in 24 hours.

There are 7.9 mln ING tokens left in the program comparing to the initial 10.1mln. Moreover, the number of holders has decreased, with almost 500 fewer participants which means that all loyal holders will receive a bigger bonus in the final last phase of 500,000 ING.

Furthermore, regarding the next phase, you don’t need to apply anywhere or do anything extra, you are participating in the third phase automatically.

We are honored that our holders/participants purchased an additional 900,000 ING on the exchanges since March 10th and added them to their wallets!

You can find your participation by typing your public wallet’s address here.

We would like to remind you of the rules:

  • Registration started on the 16th of February and was extended until 10th of March.
  • You can’t transfer out tokens from your wallet! If you do so, then you will be disqualified!
  • You can add tokens but those sadly will not count for a bigger bonus.

*All given numbers and calculations are rounded up and can vary slightly

If you have any issues or questions please contact our support via email: [email protected]