Global Wi-Fi provider IUNGO network Launches Alpha Version

Global Wi-Fi provider IUNGO network Launches Alpha Version

13 July 2018

The alpha phase of the release life cycle is part of the R&D process and will allow us to begin the operational software testing by selected group of potential users. In this phase, our developers will test specific sets of functions for the software & hardware, to achieve required functionality of the future network.

For Wi-Fi hotspot owners (cafes, kiosks, Airbnb apartments etc.) IUNGO network provides the unique opportunity to become a local internet provider by sharing their Wi-Fi to the Global Wireless Internet Network and start earning income for their service.

For Wi-Fi users, IUNGO network provides simple and fast Internet access Worldwide, with the user’s prefered network quality, security rating and pricing. IUNGO Network allows users to find a secure Wi-Fi hotspot in a few seconds. With the push of a single button, the IUNGO Network app will seamlessly connect the user to the Wi-Fi.

“We are extremely happy to deliver our first release on schedule as stated in our roadmap,” said IUNGO network Co-Founder and CEO Ricardas Bernotavicius. “Today, the Global Internet Service Provider market is valued at more than $620B annually and it’s basically controlled by around 20+ major incumbent providers. IUNGO network’s business model will allow everyone to become a decentralized Internet Service Provider and increase Wireless internet supply.”

Mr Bernotavicius is the Founder of multiple MedTech and IoT companies, a successful entrepreneur with a clear focus on business, media and cryptocurrency.

The Alpha launch of the application will, for the first time, allow users to connect their devices to the IUNGO Wi-Fi hotspots. Features will be added to the Alpha version up until its Beta release in Q4 of 2018. Full working service is scheduled to be launched after Beta release in December 2018.