Internet Disruptors are Joining Forces!

Internet Disruptors are Joining Forces!

24 July 2018

As the quantity and the “weight” of online content is growing by a staggering amount, the current Internet infrastructure is rapidly becoming incapable of serving all this demand.

To solve this problem, NOIA Network is building the first decentralized Content Delivery Network. By enabling households and data centers to earn passive income by renting out their unused bandwidth resources, NOIA Network is creating an incredibly efficient and less costly network of nodes dedicated to web content delivery.

Currently, both companies are developing their own hardware and software — the NOIA Edge device and the IUNGO router. NOIA users won’t need to acquire a new device in order to become an IUNGO Network provider and vice versa. All of them will be able to enjoy the most effective utilization of their idle resources with minimum investment upfront.

IUNGO Network is testing recently launched Alpha software version and planning to launch working Beta version in December.

This partnership will immensely accelerate the growth of the NOIA Network and IUNGO Network user bases.