IUNGO HODL-ING Society update. Five months have passed

IUNGO HODL-ING Society update. Five months have passed

11 August 2018

Hello IUNGO Supporters and Followers!

We are counting 5 months commemoration of the hodl program with 2036 valid participants, since the program started with 2493. We are counting a decrease only by 457 attendants, who did infringe the rules, in less than a half of the whole program duration.

Moreover, those 457 members did withdraw their stakes, a total of two million and twenty-five thousands (2.025mln). This amount concludes 20% of entire starting pool. Yet, there are around 8 million (8.075mln) of ING tokens still successfully participating.

Taking into account, we do still have our loyal 2036 representatives holding tight in their hands an amazing amount of tokens – 8 075 000 ING.

Further, we would like to remind you about the upcoming bonus distribution, as you know the second phase is nominated for 350 000 ING prize pool. The bonus will be divided proportionally among all the members who are still participating in the IUNGO HODL-ING Society program.

We are glad that our believers bought almost 800 000 ING’s after registration finale and added them into their wallets!

You can find your participation by typing your public wallet’s address here >>

We would like to remind you of the rules:

  • Registration started at the 16th of February and was extended until 10th of March.
  • You can’t transfer out tokens from your wallet! If you do so, then you will be disqualified!
  • You can add tokens but those sadly will not count for a bigger bonus.

*All given numbers and calculations slightly can vary

If you have any issues or questions please contact our support via email —[email protected]