IUNGO HODL-ING Society update

IUNGO HODL-ING Society update

24 July 2018

As you know, the first phase of 150 000 INGs was distributed among holders on June 11th, since that date many supporters have taken their prize and left the program, which is exciting and promising for those who are still holding in phase two. The more participants shook off from the program the more active holders receive.

Since the start of the HODL-ING Society program, the quantity of participating tokens and ex-holders has decreased by impressive numbers. 438 participants have been disqualified for infringing the rules, taking with them over 2 000 000 ING! This means that Holders who are still participating will receive around 20% more tokens than they would have according to those numbers on the 11th of March.

Meanwhile, impatient participants are leaving the program whilst our loyal ‘’one year’’ holders are rubbing hands for higher bonuses, since July 10th the total amount of ING has decreased by around 375 000 ING and 52 participants have left the HODL-ING program and after the first 4 months there are still 2063 active participants holding almost 8 mln ING!

However, at the moment we are continuously running the 2nd-phase which has a prize pool of 350 000 ING from 1 000 000 ING total, what you received after the first phase will now be more than double of the previous bonus.

SPREADSHEET — http://bit.ly/HodlResults


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