IUNGO Network is on the Way of Being Launched

IUNGO Network is on the Way of Being Launched

18 April 2019

It has been a long and bumpy year for IUNGO. Launching a global hotspot network is no walk in a park, but we are happy to announce that our efforts are bearing sweet fruit, and you can already see results online and in GitHub repositories. Soon IUNGO network will be ready for everybody to try out as a provider or service gateway operator. After internal testing and public beta testing we are already in the final phase of development before open- sourcing many parts of the project and switching payments (account top up) from Ropsten testnet to Ethereum mainnet.

What do we already offer?

At the moment IUNGO software includes components and modules for working services like access point firmware, networking infrastructure, freeradius service, openvpn services, PKI and CA modules, seamless connectivity via HS2.0, service provider’s dashboard and user apps (web app, Android and iOS apps).

You can find networking infrastructure, PKI/CA and other modules as open-source in the GitHub repository. These modules are also tied together, so you can spin an instance of it with a Docker compose command in your local development environment for testing and research purposes. Additional parts of the system will be open-sourced in the upcoming months.

Five things you can do with IUNGO now:

  1. Buy a IUNGO router >>>
  2. Add your IUNGO router to IUNGO network >>>
  3. Start providing IUNGO network Wi-Fi access publicly >>>
  4. Allow Wi-Fi users access to your IUNGO network Wi-Fi >>>
  5. Connect seamlessly to IUNGO network access points >>>

Become a IUNGO provider

The provider app dashboard includes key functionalities to manage access points connected to the IUNGO network. The provider is able to group access points by rate and by venues or even manage access points remotely. To get started you need to buy a IUNGO router (based on NFT-2ac with OpenWRT).

Attention users!

User apps are currently available for web browsers, iOS and Android (iOS app is under invitation only process at the moment; please contact support if you want to participate). Download mobile apps, and after registration you will be able to seamlessly connect to the IUNGO access point. You can also use the app to connect to a self-run access point.

Open-source for developing networks

We seek to involve the community in the development and testing of our products. Going open-source is the straightest way to engage people in the process. This will allow any interested party to create, test and improve the quality of the service gateway, which is the core element of our system. Code is available publicly on our GitHub account.

IUNGO network as full Wi-Fi service

We’re also building a variety of B2B  back-end solutions, including a Wi-Fi marketing platform, a hotspot 2.0 authentication application and a network security tools. These services, as sub-products of IUNGO network, could help raise awareness and generate finances for the expansion of the network, directly benefiting the ecosystem.

Follow IUNGO network updates

The team will deliver updates quarterly and will announce them via Telegram News, newsletters and our website.

Challenges we face in 2019

The possibility to provide paid internet access and utilize IUNGO tokens using Ethereum mainnet is still in progress due to the complexity of our blockchain and accounting system architecture. We have successfully tested token accounting on Ropsten testnet. However, security standards for such payments are really high, thus we need to put a little more work into safety. It’s one of our major goals for Q2 and Q3 this year to achieve.

Good things take time

During our first year we’ve received praise and criticism, which was always a motivator to do things better. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve decided to pace ourselves by taking things step-by-step and involving the community. The reality is that building a project like IUNGO doesn’t happen overnight. We are blessed to have true supporters, who understand that it takes time to make such complex projects a reality. We also thank all our critics and loyal fans for their continued encouragement!