IUNGO network technology is ready for expansion

IUNGO network technology is ready for expansion

7 November 2019

IUNGO network team has completed technology preparation for further Global WiFi network expansion.

The possibility to provide paid internet access and utilize IUNGO tokens successfully implemented. Today anyone can become a IUNGO provider or a service gateway operator.

IUNGO network users now can top-up their accounts with ING tokens or Ethereum via “Monetha” payment gateway and pay for using data over WiFi.

Upcoming updates:

  • Additional payment options via “Monetha”;
  • Open-sourcing additional parts of the system;
  • Partnerships with global telecoms to accelerate growth.

Provide IUNGO now:

Buy a IUNGO router and add it to IUNGO network to become a provider >>>

Use IUNGO now:

Start using available IUNGO network access points. You get FREE 20 ING with newly created app account >>>

Develop and test IUNGO

Create, test and improve the quality of the service gateway, which is the core element of our system via GitHub account.

Follow IUNGO network updates

Follow quarterly updates via website and Telegram News channel.