IUNGO network updates on FAQ

IUNGO network updates on FAQ

2 August 2018


Shortly after the ICO, we submitted applications to several major exchanges. After getting listed on KuCoin, some applications are still in progress. Why?

The first reason – many major exchanges require a working product. The IUNGO roadmap highlights our working product after Beta release in December 2018.

Secondly, major exchanges are charging for listing tokens. The current appetite of exchanges is huge – they demand huge upfront financial fees as well as millions of tokens. This would burn the funds dedicated to product development and would deplete the IUNGO reserve for the efficient operation of the token economy.

Finally, after careful consideration and consultations with industry experts, we have taken the decision to support the decentralization movement and to list ING tokens in decentralized exchange.



Our team and financial resources are dedicated to creating a sustainable service. A prosperous product leads to business growth. We are motivated to launch a fully working service as soon as possible, and service marketing is being planned now. Currently, we are focusing on growing our provider network.

IUNGO network is not involved in trading and exchange speculations, that’s why we do not talk about ING utility token marketing. As one of our supporters, told about ING tokens – “The demand has to be organic and from the product itself”.



The source code is one of the most important parts of the product with its unique HotSpot 2.0 technology. We put a lot of team effort and financial resources to develop it and we must be sure about its security before publishing. We are on the way to prepare components for open source.

Recently we have published a Status page which will give an insight to everyone on our development progress. Additionally, everyone could see an uptime of all the related IUNGO Network systems.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re gonna publish a tool which allows to generate, issue and revoke certificates for each device. We are also in progress with the Alpha version as routers have been issued to selected places for testing.


For more updates check:

> Released status page –> https://status.iungo.network

> Released Apps page –> http://app.iungo.network

> Our refreshed WEB page –> https://iungo.network


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