Q&A: IUNGO development update

Q&A: IUNGO development update

8 August 2018

We are glad to see our community is keen on IUNGO project development. As a result, we have combined your questions and our answers on the latest development updates, Alpha stage, and nearest plans.


Q: Looking into the ‘alpha’ it’s not very convincing. It’s not even an MVP (minimum viable product). Could you please comment on it?

A: IUNGO is not a software-only project with an isolated set of interactions.

We are building a networking solution with a whole set of services. The most important components are the following:

  • service gateway with an AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) capabilities;
  • service provider tools and hardware (access points, management console, reporting, marketing/re-marketing tools, web front etc.);
  • API endpoints;
  • client tools (mobile applications, web front-end);
  • networking architecture (signalling tunnels to connect the service gateway with devices, IPV6, activity monitoring systems, etc.);
  • blockchain integration and many others.

This is a challenging scope and we need to have a sufficient understanding of each component to create an effective solution. We are making a progress in all of these areas and we’ve invested a lot of in research on how to combine them together.

For Alpha release we already have:

  • an Android app;
  • access points (with secure tunnelling to service gateway, Hotspot 2.0 functionality and other IUNGO modules);
  • a service gateway with AAA capabilities;
  • a web interface for clients (web app is working, but quite an early version with limited functionality).

All of these parts are being improved further step by step. We don’t have a blockchain integration yet, but we have made an initial research and we have an understanding of how this part could be done and integrated.


Q: Is the team proud of their “Alpha” release?

A: We are proud of a progress in some solid under the hood parts which are not yet visible to the community. For example, we have created a tool for issuing/revoking self-signed certificates and we are using this tool as a part of a whole solution to establish a secure signalling tunnel between service gateway and access points. Otherwise, we would like to have a better progress in other components. We do agree that the web user interface is not so good yet, but the team is on the way to make it better.


Q: The status page: What value does it offer and to who?

A: Status page serves two purposes: operational information for us and a bit of insight into internal operations for everyone.  For operational purposes, we need this tool because we will be able to get notifications quickly in case of system issues and we will be able to measure response times from various endpoints. This will give us insights about system load/scalability/resources needed etc. Furthermore, we have added aggregated information about development activity and commits. More details will be added to this part in the future.


Q: What deliverables can we expect from the team the next two weeks?

A: In August we are planning to release:

  • open source tool to manage self-signed certificates;
  • iOS app.


Q: What is the added value of the new website?

A: This is a first phase of the refreshed website where everyone can sign-up for IUNGO hotspot and follow company updates.


Q: Have you ever reached out to external UX/branding agency? If you did: have they already delivered and were/are you satisfied with their work?

A: We have not worked with a UX/branding agencies yet. This is definitely an area where we will need to add experts before service launch.



Picture credits: Freepik