Q&A: IUNGO team update

Q&A: IUNGO team update

13 August 2018

We are glad the community is keen on IUNGO team, so we have prepared Q&A to cover the newest team updates.


Q: Why the team is not expanding?

A: Recently we have hired a small team of Java and React engineers and looking for front-end and back-end Java developers.

As we wrote in our Telegram updates – we have hired new Support Team members, managed by our Support Administrator Rytis.

We are strengthening the Marketing Team and hiring a Copywriter to increase our Wi-Fi related content.

The team has no boundaries of expanding and as soon as we see the need for more professionals, we are ready to hire. We post open public ads on the web and on our LinkedIn profile.


Q: What workflow methodology is IUNGO team using?

A: IUNGO team is using Kanban and „Asana“ tool to manage our team’s work, tasks, and projects. We have weekly meetings with all team members and also quick morning stand-ups.


Q: Would it be possible to make a „kanban“ board public?

A: We know the community is keen for more details, as our competitors are. For the community, we will update the roadmap with more detailed steps and seek to provide more detailed reporting. As we appreciate everyone’s privacy at work we will keep Kanban unpublished.


Q: CTO is off and can’t work for 2 weeks. Who is taking over his job?

A: Development team risks are overseen. We have strong self-contained development team members and our advisors have provided us with a detailed backup plan.


Q: What would be the job description for each team member? Can you describe a workday of each team member? How many hours is a week each team member working for IUNGO?

A: IUNGO is hiring full-time (40 hours/week) employees and some team members are outsourced (copywriting etc.). We are quite a small team, yet developing, so we don’t have public job descriptions. Team workdays could be seen as typical Agile team workdays.


Q: Do you feel pressure from this community or ICO investors to deliver? How does it affect the team?  Is there anything the community can do to help?

A: We are glad to have the community and believers who help us to move forward. All the good examples and thoughts of our followers are welcome and we appreciate their opinion. IUNGO team is working to make a beloved product.


Q: Are there team members with other jobs and where they work?

A: Not actually. All core team, developers are involved in IUNGO project 100 per cent.


Q: When was the last team building with all IUNGO team members?

A: In June IUNGO team was out of the city to explore enduro motorcycling and clean blood with shots of whiskey.


Picture credits: Freepik