Q&A on technology and competition

Q&A on technology and competition

3 September 2018

We are keen on our competitors and technological advantages as well as our community. We have prepared answers to your frequently asked questions about this topic so welcome and hope you will find what you’ve been looking for!


Q: How is IUNGO looking at competitors at this stage?

A: IUNGO has it’s unique advantages and features which make us competitive among other companies. Most of the pros and cons are covered in our whitepaper. We kindly invite community members to take a look at it here.


Q: Can IUNGO ever ‘beat’ an Aruba access point performance/brand-image? (or can IUNGO work together with an Aruba access point)

A: There have always been big players in every market. To be competitive means to know your strengths and values. As a smaller company, we have flexibility and speed in any step. For example, smaller companies might take a larger piece of market listening better to customers’ needs and offering more attractive pricing, discounts etc.


Q: How is IUNGO looking towards those ‘AI’ optimized networks?

A: AI is not the future anymore and as an innovative high – tech company IUNGO does seek for competitive advantages so we do not rule out the possibility of using AI to optimize processes in the future.


Q: I’m looking forward to the Wi-Fi industry-related blog. When Can we expect the first article and is it a part of a larger content marketing strategy?

A: We are keen on working with related topics and our blog will be as a part of IUNGO marketing and communication strategy.
At the moment we have our very first WiFi – related article on IUNGO Blog.


Q: The product won’t work for 9/10 countries. It’s very clearly specified in the isp’s t&c that consumers are not permitted to share their internet connections in profiting. How will you solve this?

A: IUNGO doesn’t see ISP policies as a threat. Most cafes, bars, hotels, and individuals are sharing their WiFi despite the terms of their contract. Our technology will allow to share and monetize WiFi securely. We do encourage our providers to choose reliable and flexible ISP providers where it’s possible.


Q: Dylan has mentioned the new team in Ukraine – could you, please, share more info about the new team?

A: IUNGO is working strongly on providers’ app features, though we have hired a team to work with marketing (WiFi monetization) features. Ukrainian team contains software developers as we are expanding our capabilities further. This team is not involved in core product development and is focused on the provided roadmap. The team works remotely, with a direct management from our Kaunas (Lithuania) developers office.