ING tokens

ING Token – The digital asset for WiFi usage.

ING token was created for WiFi users, ING offers users and providers on-demand option to access WiFi provided by services


Why simply not use ethers for payments and Ethereum smart contracts for the processing logic?
Besides the obvious reason that kicking off the system takes funding, a native token serves the following purposes:

  1. ING evidently borders the inner economy and protects it from those with large stakes of ETH and interests that are alien to the system. Without ING, it would be like playing a monopoly game with ordinary cash – you never know which coin comes from the game box and which does not.
  2. As blockchain universe develops and we have new platforms and multiple cross- blockchain means of transport, a devoted token is a much more convenient tool to make a potential migration.



Easy worldwide internet access provided by a secure, fast and reliable network — for a fraction of the regular cost or completely free. No roaming fees or poor connections. No forms or passwords to fill


Becoming a part of Global Wireless Network using our plug & play solution in just a couple of minutes. Benefit from additional revenue streams with advertising platform or simply earn tokens for providing internet