Wi-Fi Guest Data – Are You Taking Advantage?

Wi-Fi Guest Data – Are You Taking Advantage?

5 November 2018

There is no better way to collect customer data than through public Wi-Fi hotspots. Surveys show that people spend more time and money in facilities that have network access, so while they’re at it, why not get to know them a little closer? Your router is much than just an internet device – with our software it also could become a powerful marketing machine that can harvest loads of interesting information on people’s gender, age, hobbies, expectations, and habits.

If you have access to such data, you’re basically sleeping on a pile of gold, and the share is going to be mutually beneficial because both customers and businesses have loads to gain. Make sure not miss out on the Wi-Fi marketing train because this is probably one of the hottest and most promising marketing trends ever.

Personalization Works Better

One could ask what’s the point of collecting all of that precious data if you can just buy a ready-made list of potential customers. Oh, yes, that does sound easy, buying a gift-wrapped present of let’s say a 1000 customers that never ever stepped into your restaurant or coffee shop. However, it’s expensive and not necessarily effective purchase because your information is going to be store-bought and generic, not tailored to your own business. Harvesting your own information is a lot more rewarding, and you will be surprised at how easy and fast it is to gather customer data through Wi-Fi hotspots. People will share their information, engage in social media activity on your website and eagerly await the next special offer.


Get Customers Excited

The good thing is that over time Wi-Fi lets you build an intimate customer relationship and find out what really makes a person tick. Why offer everybody a discount on a generic latte? Imagine dropping by your nearest coffee shop and instantly receiving a message that the next pumpkin spice latte with extra syrup and whipped cream is on the house. Yeah, somebody has definitely been ordering this decadent beverage for a while, and probably some pictures were shared on Instagram (none of that went unnoticed by your Wi-Fi marketing software), so the coffee shop decided to throw in a pleasant surprise. Think of offering free Wi-Fi as going out on a date – every connection is an opportunity to gain new information, whether it’s something customers love, hate or started to lose interested in.

Spike up some excitement in your customers by telling them what’s in it for sharing information over Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s one thing to offer a discounted meal or beer out of the blue, but it’s even better to build up expectations – state clearly in the beginning that “your willingness to share personal information will result in coupons loyalty programs, benefits, free meals, and discounts”. This practice will put your business way ahead of the curve and instantly hook some potential clients. Also, make sure to choose login options that meet your business needs, but are fully compliant with privacy regulations. IUNGO network is working hard to meet these regulations and offer the safest and most reliable decentralized Wi-Fi services through quality routers and marketing software.

Honesty Builds Trust

Customer relationships through Wi-Fi marketing are true and honest because it’s based on consent and approval. People feel safer about sharing information when they are aware of what’s going to happen with it later on. It’s too early to make conclusions on how the GDPR law will affect Wi-Fi marketing since it’s still fresh out of the box, but an increase in transparency will likely mellow out customers and make them less scared of building close relationships with businesses.

Wi-Fi marketing is not just an easy and very cheap way to collect information, but also an engine to build up company image. Quality online services, great food, and drinks, honesty and integrity towards customers, targeted offers and consistency. That’s what a modern company is all about. And the best part is that Wi-Fi marketing is still a relatively uncharted territory, so you have the chance to set up good examples and share them with the world.