Wi-Fi Marketing Platforms – A Must Have

Wi-Fi Marketing Platforms – A Must Have

13 December 2018

A router is usually not enough to start promoting your business. You need something extra to juice up the hardware and kick it into motion, that’s why you must invest in a reliable set of Wi-Fi marketing tools. Our team is happy to announce that we’re working on a completely new way to take advantage of IUNGO network – a very simple and effective Wi-Fi marketing platform which you can easily set up and start working, even without being an IT pro.

A marketing platform is a collection of software solutions that do all the work for you – think of it as a virtual marketing assistant that does all of the heavy lifting and legwork, while you just relax and harvest the fruit of your work. Check out some of the features our platform will offer.

Engaging Splash Pages

The captive portal is the web page customers see before accessing a public Wi-Fi network. Through it, users can authenticate themselves and register to certain networks using their personal data. This part is very important because it’s the first thing visitors see as they’re about to connect, and it’s also the first place where you start collecting data – usually through a registration form, which people complete using their personal information, such as name, surname, phone, e-mail address. All of this is possible with our tailor-made software that collects valuable information directly from the splash page and transfers it directly to services such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and SalesForce.

IUNGO network will offer tailor-made splash pages with built-in templates that you can use to promote your business. The captive portal will also feature various ways to login, including email, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to boost your online presence, it could be done by directing customers to your website or social media outlets and boosting loyalty through automated messages.


Personalized Marketing Tools

IUNGO network has always believed that information works best when it’s personalized, that’s why we’re building a marketing platform that offers top-notch tools for collecting and distributing information. Our software will be fully automated and compatible with just about any device, equipped with analytics software, tracking and providing insights and detailed analysis on your visitors, thus giving you a chance to manage customer flow and improve services. You will observe notifications and alerts, monitor customer activity, manage permissions of each device, and don’t worry about security breaches – out platform will include data protection technology.

IUNGO network’s platform should flawlessly carry out long-term marketing campaigns that will ensure people get personalized content, based on their preferences, digital activity, and choices within store premises. The software is featured to have various intriguing possibilities, such sending tailored newsletters and SMS messages, offering specialized deals, vouchers, discounts, and invitations. IUNGO network really hopes to offer a platform that makes it easy to brainstorm and come up with brilliant ideas, without having to think about technological difficulties.