IUNGO network’s Beta software version is released

IUNGO network’s Beta software version is released

21 December 2018

On schedule and as committed in the IUNGO network roadmap, our Beta software version has been released and is in the final phase of development before scaling into global service. The Beta software includes all three necessary components for a fully working service: dedicated access point firmware, Provider’s Dashboard, and user apps.  

The access point’s firmware now facilitates adding access points to the IUNGO network and provider’s dashboard. Firmware will be flashed into the IUNGO distributed access points and will be available to download from IUNGO network website in Q1 2019. You are welcome to check out more details and screenshots in an article “Getting Started. How to add the access point and become a provider?”.

“We have a service provider app already. This will give a possibility to provide internet access and utilize Iungo tokens”, CTO Andrius Mačys, outlined the main Beta release functionality. The provider’s app dashboard includes key functionalities to manage access points connected to the IUNGO network. The provider will be able to group access points by rate and by venues or even manage access points remotely. More details and screenshots are provided in the article titled:  “Getting Started- Provider Dashboard features”.

The User apps currently work on the web, iOS, and Android. Most features have been covered earlier, with app release announcements. Updated details and screenshots are provided in the article “Getting Started- User App features”.

The Beta testing invitation for early adopters will be sent together with free shipped routers to selected participants. During Beta testing, IUNGO network is expecting to detect bugs, improve usability and prepare smoothly working apps in stores. Product awareness will become the most important marketing goal. IUNGO network supporters are encouraged to subscribe to our email newsletter or Telegram announcement channels to receive important updates on further development progress.