WiFi marketing: reaching your customer has never been so easy!

WiFi marketing: reaching your customer has never been so easy!

6 September 2018

Smart users are ever more looking for a free WiFi – thus, it comes as no surprise that most of the venues from shopping malls to airports or even bus stops are now not only providing the access to the free Internet but also learning new techniques on how to use it for their own benefit.

How does it work?

Imagine a most casual everyday situation – a person walks into a venue, be it a bookstore or a cafeteria, and tries to connect to a freely accessible WiFi network. Yet upon doing that, he is redirected to a splash page where in order to get online one has to provide something in return, most often email address or access to the Facebook profile. That is there WiFi marketing enters the picture.

Taking it further

Producers can think of numerous ways of how to make WiFi marketing serve the specific needs of their enterprise. Beyond doubt the easiest one is to communicate the desired message in the splash page which appears right after joining the network – it might include anything from discounts to the promotion of the upcoming event. The splash page can be displayed again after a while requiring action from the user so that he could continue the session. Another very effective method is to collect information about the user either from his social media profile or in-store browsing behavior which later can be used for creating customized content such as social advertisements, personalized offers, etc. If email is required for accessing the WiFi, it can be used for delivering the desired content to the customer.

Consumer benefits

As a matter of fact, WiFi marketing also holds intrinsic value for customers – they receive personalized messages such as real-time offers meeting their individual taste, interests, and habits. In a sense, this approach helps to develop a more positive relationship between the customer and the service provider since the client gets to feel the personal attention based on his/her individual needs. Besides that, statistics have demonstrated that places that have WiFi connection tend to receive more clients. With the Internet being an essential part of a modern person’s life, access to WiFi is at least definitely to increase the overall satisfaction of the customer.