Final HODL-ING distribution

Final HODL-ING distribution

12 March 2019

Congratulations, IUNGO token holders! We’ve reached the finish line!

We are proud of all of you, all the attendees who have survived the term, the whole year of holding ING tokens, and we are happy by rewarding you with the sweet reward of 500 000 ING tokens. It was interesting and fun to follow and track the results of each month.

However, only 1975 of 2500 members have survived the year of HODL and have shared of 500 000 ING in the final 3rd phase.

Important notes: 1975 holders reached the finish with 7773657 ING in total hold. The 3rd Phase bonus of 500 000 ING was to share among.


  • 2018, March 11th – Start of HODL-ING Society;
  • 2018, June 10th – First Phase Bonus Distribution;
  • 2018, September 10th – Second Phase Bonus Distribution;
  • 2019, March 11th – will be the Third Phase Bonus Distribution.


You can find your participation by typing your public wallet’s address here.


We would like to remind you of the rules of Hodling Society:

  • Registration was active from 15th of February till the 10th of March in 2018 and have finished on 11th of March in 2019.
  • You couldn’t transfer out tokens from your wallet! If you did so, then you was disqualified!
  • If you added tokens those sadly didn’t count for a bigger bonus.

*All given numbers and calculations are rounded up and can vary slightly

If you have any issues or questions please contact our support via email: [email protected]