Reach Your Clients Through Marketing Mix

Reach Your Clients Through Marketing Mix

15 November 2018

If one is to believe that the devil is in the details, then Wi-Fi marketing is a prime example of how it has to be done. In the old days marketing campaigns might have worked using cookie-cutter messages being sent off to every potential customer, but this is not the case with modern consumers who crave personalization and meaning even in their advertising.

Wi-Fi marketing software offers the ability to collect meaningful information in real-time and tailor user experiences, however, there is a catch – you can’t just turn on your router, suck out some data through a splash page and expect results.

People won’t be interested in persistent ads through one media outlet, they will likely even find it annoying and intrusive. Your goal is to get people relaxed, interested and excited about the complimentary pint of beer or the new double-decker cheeseburger. That’s why you must utilize several different sources of distribution and find a way to push the right buttons through targeted marketing, using text messages, newsletters, splash pages and social media. Think of Wi-Fi marketing as an intricate mix of various tools that need to be used for a certain purpose. Sounds daunting, right? Don’t worry, because it’s a lot easier than you thought, and it will bring lots of benefit and happiness to both sides.

Doing It the Right Way

Here’s an example of how easy it can be – let’s say you get a newsletter from a hotel saying you haven’t visited for a while. Peaks curiosity, but not enough, does it? Then the next week you receive a Facebook message offering 20% off per night, and a complimentary coffee with croissants. To finish it off, after checking out you receive a text message that says ‘we hope you enjoyed our fresh croissants and had a wonderful stay’. How did they know I like croissants, you ask. Well, apparently you buy them pretty often and the hotel Wi-Fi sensors picked up that you like lurking near the pastry section.

You know what’s the right way? Imagine some guys coming to bar for the first time, having a few pints and some chicken wings. Of course, they also connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot, and you start collecting information. Let’s say that all four of them give you access to loads of data. The guys have a great time, they leave lots of money and generous tips, they also seem to be always eating chicken and talking as though they’re one of those aficionados constantly searching for the best wings in town. Sounds like a buzzer, doesn’t it? Might seem that way, but their social media profiles reveal that they’re not that obsessed with wings in particular, actually they have them pretty rarely, but they do have a taste for pub food such as fish and chips, burgers, fries, and chicken too. And they seem hit the bars every weekend and post a lot about their activities. All of them in their late 20s with pretty good salaries.

If you have such customers and can identify their habits and behavioural patterns, you are in luck because now you can shape your marketing strategy to achieve the best result. In the case of the bar crawlers one can start by sending a newsletter on Monday, giving a high-five and offering to come back next weekend. After that it might be a good idea to send a text message on Thursday or Friday just to remind that there’s a special offer waiting just for them – a burger and beer combo is 50% off with a special voucher, which will be sent to them personally. Most people would find such an offer very alluring – sounds like a great way to start off the weekend. This is great because we already know that there is a pattern in the way they live – they work hard during the week and then party the whole weekend in bars and clubs, usually first starting in pubs where they always eat something and have a few beers. These kinds of people have lots of potential for your establishment, so make sure to treat them right.

Timing Is Essential

The key to achieving success through Wi-Fi marketing is timing. Now imagine if you had a friend and would start acting all possessive, even though you’ve just met. Most people would deem that as creepy and obsessive behaviour and distance themselves because it’s just plain uncomfortable. Same with marketing. There is no reason to bombard people with newsletters, especially not the next day after they’ve first connected to your Wi-Fi. This is an instant turn-off for any potential customer.

Like we said before, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just splash paging your customers while they’re in line because people will likely push away the ad instantly, especially if its relevance is questionable. Take your time and collect as much information as possible – once you have a huge package of data, containing email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, consumer gender, age, hobbies, work occupation and so on, you can start long-term business relationships which will result in a loyal customer base. By the way, IUNGO network happens to offer full-scale marketing software which offers a simplified interface and all the necessary tools to easily harvest information using various media channels.